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Angela Steed

Spontaneity—this is one of my favorite words. Whether reality or fiction, it sums me up perfectly and has carried me into some wild adventures. Sometimes I’ve found myself in trouble because of my lack of planning. Take for one instance, a trip to Florida. I stayed with some scary people that took me out on their pontoon one day and literally threw me in the middle of Lake Orlando where they ever-so graciously told me, as they laughed, to “watch out for the alligators.” I love horror movies, but I’d rather not star in one, thank you very much. So the following day, I went to a guitar shop to pawn off my brand new bass guitar for fifty bucks just so I could get home. That was one of the worst trips I’d ever been on, and honestly, also one of the best.

So now I sit in my comfy computer chair and write stories on the whim. Dreams are where my adventures begin and I let my imagination take over the rest. I believe if every twist and turn is planned out, then there won’t be true adventure to make my heart pound, or leave me breathless wondering how I came up with such a thing. So, yes, spontaneity is definitely one of my favorite words. And without it, my life would be rather boring.

The Sea's Embrace is a new paranormal romance by award winning author Angela Steed.It’ll be released November 1st, 2008 and will be available at Black Lyon Publishing, Amazon. com, Barnes&Noble, Target. com, and your local bookstores.

ISBN: 978-1-934912-09-6
Price: $TBD paperback
Price: $8.00 Ebook (PDF format) (available only at blacklyonpublishing. com mid-October)Pages: TBD paperback
Here’s the blurb:

Her heart would guide him home.

Architectural mastermind Katherine Shaw has left her career in the States behind to follow a passion for antiquity to The London Museum for Art and Archeology. During a museum excursion, a controversial relic is pulled from the ocean depths—a relic containing a mystery to which she is inexplicably joined.

His home might claim her life.

Born of the old gods, punished and locked away from love, Derrick has crossed seas of time to find Katherine. Chosen as the guardian of his land’s magic, he knows what Katherine doesn’t: her own mysterious origin and the danger she faces because of it. As they travel together in a place only heard of in legends, enemies and darkness surround them—until an unthinkable decision threatens the very magic that has brought them love.


"In her wonderfully mystical tale, THE SEA'S EMBRACE, Angela Steed has created a magical world of love and passion, of danger and deception. With a well drawn cast of colorful and unique characters, the story ebbs and flows through an amazing and unpredictable plot that will keep the reader guessing until the very end. The author’s keen attention to small details, blended with her vivid imagination bring the story to life and make it sparkle, and her ability to create tender and eloquent love scenes will delight the heart of any romance reader. I was completely charmed by this story and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys paranormal romance at its pulse pounding best!" -Author M. Jean Pike.

"THE SEA'S EMBRACE is an epic journey that draws the reader deeply and quickly into its spell. This story is truly the magical weave that legend is drawn from and the tale of Katherine and Derrick should be kept and told over and over again. Angela Steed has created a brilliant novel that I will hold close to my heart, and keep in my collection, for as long as there is magic and love in the world." -Author Kimberly Adkins.

More Reviews on the way
1080 Kiss

ISBN: 978-0-9793252-5-0
Price: $14.95
PaperbackPrice: $8.00
Ebook (PDF format)
Pages: 204 paperback

Here is the blurb:
The "God of Snow" has met his match.

He never followed the rules. Vince Evans, professional snowboarder, is a black-haired, green-eyed charmer no woman can tame and no man can match on the slopes. Followed by a flurry of bad publicity and a trail of ex-managers, his Olympic dreams teeter on the brink unless he can orchestrate a career turnaround. And fast.

Her rules were unbendable. After a year-long hiatus, public relations extraordinaire Morgan Price is ready to resume her high-profile job resurrecting musicians fallen from grace. A bad-boy athlete is not the type of client she expects—or wants. But then she sees a side of the “God of Snow” no one has seen before, a side she just might break all the rules of business for.

1080 Kiss reviews:

"Angela Steed's debut release, 1080 Kiss, is an enjoyable, contemporary romance that had me hooked from the first page. It's filled with witty dialogue and attractive characters that make this story a smooth and entertaining read. Steed is an author to be on the lookout for!

Romance Reader at Heart

"Angela Steed has crafted a shining gem of a contemporary romance novel with characters so believable they could have stepped off the pages at any moment and joined me for a cup of coffee."

Kimberly Adkins

"1080 Kiss is anything but chilly. Morgan and Vince are very realistic characters with problems and pain in their pasts. The story is smooth and refreshing with dialogue that is smart and snappy. The emotions throughout the story are raw and vivid bringing the reader closer to the characters. Ms. Steed's first novel is very well done."
Bonnie Petros
Coffee Time Romance

"I loved this book! I have never read Ms. Angela Steed before, but I will definitely look for her work. This contemporary romance was sensual, but not erotic. It was set in beautiful settings, which were wonderfully pictured for us. And the title—1080 Kiss? I’ll let you read the book to see what that is all about!"

Brenda Talley
The Romance Studio

"Angela Steed has captured the essence of modern, young romance with 1080 Kiss. I could feel the characters, and she left me wanting more of their adventures! A fun, sexy read."

Jenifer McAndrews,
News Anchor WCHS/WVAH TV

"This romance has both light-hearted and heartbreaking scenes that make the characters seem real. Their dialogue carries much of the story. 1080 Kiss is a sensual story that gives the reader a tingly feeling of satisfaction. It is a good book to curl up with and forget the mundane for a little while."

Long & Short Reviews

Author Spotlight - Jenny Gilliam

Hi! My name is Jenny Gilliam. I love stories involving the evolution of a man and a woman, the trials and obstacles they must overcome in order to achievewhat I consider essential to any romance novel: the big 'ol HAP (HappilyEver After). That's right, folks. I'm big on the HAPs. It's why I read and write romances. I always know they're going to end up together, no matter what. It doesn't always happen in real life, but in my little fantasyworld, love conquers all (and it should!).

I started my writing career (such as it was) at ten, when I got ahold of my mom's mini-recorder and began spinning romantic tales into the microphone. Of course, they were a milder, more chaste version than my current work, but alas, a romance writer was born. I started my first story at twelve, based on real life events (the boy who I was crushing on big time). In my story, however, he wanted me, not the older sister of my schoolmate.

We got our first computer when I was thirteen, and I moved from pencil and paper to technology. Back in those days, it was Word Perfect, and what a perfectworld it was. I stayed up all night writing, spinning a web of imaginary characters who met and fell in love.

In high school, I joined the newspaper, eventually moving onto editor my senior year. I'd intended to follow in my father's footsteps; getting a degree in journalism to become a reporter. But, it just wasn't enough. As those wily cops say, "Just the facts, ma'am." Well, the facts were too structured for my wandering brain and big heart.

While I wrote continuously for years, I only finished one story. It wasn't until November 2006 that I completed my first novel. My second novel, The Wedding War was, after several rejections, purchased by The Wild Rose Press in January 2008. The Wedding War was released in March 2008. My first novel was then contracted by Amira Press, titled Letting Luce, and released in June 2008. My third novel, The Truth About Roxy, contracted by The Wild Rose Press, is set for release on November 7, 2008. I'm currently at work on my fifth novel, the stand-alone sequel to The Truth About Roxy.

As I reach my goals as an author, I look forward to my future. Remember: Sheer determination trumps wishes any day. Keep at it, believe in yourself, and commit. Don't just follow your dreams; chase them with reckless abandon!

THE WEDDING WAR BLURB: What happens when a fairytale-believing wedding planner and a jaded hot-rodbuilder who thinks love is nothing more than a chemical reaction end up on opposite sides of the aisle at the wedding of her best friend and his brother? A wedding war erupts. Jake Ryan will do just about anything to keep his brother from making the same mistake he made. He’s convinced there won’t be a wedding because he’s out to stop it. Mia Briscoe’s determined this will be the most spectacular wedding she’s ever planned. When she boards the plane for the wedding in SouthCarolina with a thousand ideas for the celebration swirling in her mind, she’s momentarily distracted by the man sitting in her seat. He’s not only drop-dead gorgeous, he’s sexier than sin, and, she quickly learns, arrogant and extremely obnoxious. Hours later, she steps off the plane, all too happy to get away from the man who’s got her hormones and temper in a maelstrom only to learn he’s the best man at the wedding she’s planning. And when she discovers he’s out to break up the happy couple? The battle begins.

Jake and Mia have both suffered deep emotional wounds that prevent them from making lasting connections. And both are baffled by the intense feelings they bring out in each other. Can Mia teach Jake that love is something to cherish and not loathe? And if she can, will he be strong enough to bury his past so they can have a chance at a future together?
LETTING LUCE BLURB: When Lucy Hollister tried to drop-kick her personal computer out her second-story window, she had no idea it would eventually lead to the seductionof her very hot, very yummy best friend, Rory Carlisle.
After all, she’s the queen of passivity, and he’s the reining king of the non-committed relationship. When a sexy online flirtation leads the couple into some steamy situations, Rory realizes that his cute best friend is letting loose—in the best possible way.
Can this couple get past old hurts and guarded hearts to embrace the passionate love that awaits?
THE TRUTH ABOUT ROXY BLURB: Roxy Palmer is a walking, breathing cliché. And darned tired of it.Working as the assistant librarian in her small, Southern home town, Roxy also anonymously pens the local love column, Ask Paula Rockwell--Thorton, Georgia's answer to Dear Abby.

But when the door leading to Roxy's lifetime dream is slammed in her face by one of the good ol' boys, Roxy brings out the big guns--and turns the genteel town upside down with her racier, feminist, home-wrecking new format.

Paula Rockwell is making Sheriff Noah Kennedy's life crazy. He's got angry husbands lined around the block, demanding the cancellation of the column, fights breaking out and women catching their boyfriends' trucks on fire. If he ever gets his hands on that woman…

But he's got his hands full of Roxy at the moment, and if he ever discovers the truth about Roxy, all hell will break loose.

Jenny Gilliam ~ Spicy Romance with a Dash of Humor

LETTING LUCE, Now Available from Amira Press!
THE WEDDING WAR, Now Available in digital AND print from The Wild Rose Press!
THE TRUTH ABOUT ROXY, Coming November 7, 2008 from The Wild Rose Press!

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