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'Mistletoe and Ouzo Kisses' by Debby Allen, available from The Wild Rose Press at

'The office Christmas party can be a recipe for disaster! Free wine at the latest work festivities has left lovely Leah Stamford in the dark… especially about that night and a certain Marcus Savakis. Still, she can brush off office gossip...or can she?It seems this office party kicked off events she never remembered agreeing to. Complicating issues is the inescapable memory lapse, the incriminating tie on her bed, and Marcus, himself.Marcus–cheerful, flippant, handsome and more notably, a co-worker. Is he as good as his word...or is he manipulating her? As soon as she swears off wine forever, there he is, insisting on buying her another. And, what to do about the holidays now? Leah is faced with a conundrum, and the pressure of all the giggly girls in the office doesn’t help.Oh decisions; leap into the big, traditionally Greek Christmas via Marcus' invitation-–or celebrate the holidays most thoroughly alone?Are you kidding? Manipulative or not, you’ll be jumping up and down as she packs her bags--and that is barely the beginning! Never mind the Athenian skyline, the hot mulled cider, the glitter off the wave tops; the whole, mesmerizing Mediterranean world...Because this holiday adventure has barely gotten started! I am desperately censoring myself here, as there is so much more I’d like to mention, but the revelations are half the fun.Do read!4.5 books for this completely charming Christmas romance.Allen got this recipe just perfect: Wonderful characters, delightful descriptions, and exactly the right amount of mistletoe!!'

~ The Long and Short of It Reviews ~

'Hibiscus Bay' by Debby Allen. Available from The Wild Rose Press.
SCORE: Four and a half glasses of Champagne!
REVIEWED BY: Cocktail Reviews:
Ashleigh is on a Mediterranean holiday with her friend Laura. She’s intending to use the break to get over a failed office romance with her boss – a married man. When Laura spots an expensive yacht at a local harbour, Ashleigh only has eyes for the hot guy on board. But while her friend urges her to enjoy a holiday romance, Ashleigh is afraid of being hurt again. Remmao is half Egyptian, half Arab, a wealthy playboy who used to have a woman in every port until a bad experience left him emotionally damaged and extremely cautious. But Ashleigh intrigues him – he’s never had to chase a woman before, and he’s determined to track her down. While both are ready for a physical relationship, their emotions keep getting in the way. Only by learning to let go of the past and trusting one another will they find a future together.
This was a great novella-length read. I loved the underplayed humour, such as Ashleigh’s embarrassment at being caught ogling Remmao on his yacht. I also enjoyed Ashleigh’s first proper conversation with him. It’s cute and breathless, and I liked the sly dig at the romance novel genre of ‘every Egyptian/Arab is a prince’.
Ashleigh is a strong character. I like the fact that she doesn’t hide or sugar-coat the truth of what she did in the past – she admits she was in the wrong with her affair. You can really feel her anger and guilt – and her fear of being hurt so easily again.
Remmao is a true romance hero, but with a modern slant. He’s open about his feelings, and while he encourages Ashleigh to forgive herself and move on, he continues to hold onto his own secret – a lesson he learned a year ago and which still haunts him.
Like a short version of a M&B/Harlequin title, Hibiscus Bay delivers on all fronts with an exotic locale, wealthy foreign hunk, a good dose of angst, enjoyable love scenes and a HEA. Formulaic? Yes, of course. But that’s why I love them so much. I’d recommend this to any fan of the genre.

'Hibiscus Bay' REVIEWED BY: Simply Romance Reviews
I can honestly say, while reading Hibiscus Bay, I was touched by the beautiful twist of fate for Ashleigh and Remmao. This is the kind of romance we all dream of. Ashleigh's main goal on her vacation was to erase the last three years of her past relationship with Richard (ex-lover/ex-boss and married). She never expected fate to intervene and send her the love she has always dreamed of having. Remmao (dashing and sexy) never had much time for true lasting relationships since he consistently sails around the world. Suddenly, he is locking eyes with Ashleigh after her sunglasses fall onto the deck of his yacht and its' kismet!! Throughout the story, Ashleigh and Remmao find themselves freeing all the emotional pain from the past and learning once again the meaning of trust, promises and love.
Debby Allen captured so many heartwarming emotions of both her characters. The story inspires the reader to wish for Hibiscus Bay and a pair of sunglasses.......wonderful job Debby!! ~ Reviewed by Mireille

'The Sea's Embrace' by Angela Steed.

"In her wonderfully mystical tale, THE SEA'S EMBRACE, Angela Steed has created a magical world of love and passion, of danger and deception. With a well drawn cast of colorful and unique characters, the story ebbs and flows through an amazing and unpredictable plot that will keep the reader guessing until the very end. The author’s keen attention to small details, blended with her vivid imagination bring the story to life and make it sparkle, and her ability to create tender and eloquent love scenes will delight the heart of any romance reader. I was completely charmed by this story and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys paranormal romance at its pulse pounding best!" -Author M. Jean Pike.

"THE SEA'S EMBRACE is an epic journey that draws the reader deeply and quickly into its spell. This story is truly the magical weave that legend is drawn from and the tale of Katherine and Derrick should be kept and told over and over again. Angela Steed has created a brilliant novel that I will hold close to my heart, and keep in my collection, for as long as there is magic and love in the world." -Author Kimberly Adkins.

Dancing With Fate by Hywela Lyn. Available from The Wild Rpse Press

'Apollo gives his muse Terpsichore/Cora the task of helping Cymru/Wales relearn the joys of life after many battles and heartbreaks. Myrddin the mage comes across Cora bathing in a waterfall and is instantly smitten but he has his betrothed, Gwendolyn, to save. Gwendolyn doesn’t want saving. Seems her father lied to Myrddin, telling him Madog kidnapped her. She went willingly out of love. Finally Cora and Myrddin are free to love. Well, maybe if the gods will only help.
Greek Mythology has rarely been so much fun to read. Hywela Lyn builds an excellent love story even with all the tongue twisting names that add even more fun to the tale.
Such a simple love story made great by the addition of the gods, muses, and Fates with their twists to life. Even the fifth century had some truly honorable men including Myrddin who refuses to give in to the feelings he has for Cora until he finds his Gwendolyn. She was betrothed to him by his family long ago. When she tells her with her own lips and behavior, doting on Madog, he finally believes his quest was in vain.
Terpsichore/Cora fell in lust at first site with Myrddin, loved him more for saving her from the Ellylldan/Goblin fire. Seems her half brother Ares, the god of war, is mad about something and attacks Myrddin. The spear of Ares is not a good thing to have sticking out of your body!
I know it sounds like sick humor but it’s really a hoot when the Fates play games with Terpsichore. Her man lays dying, she’s as serious as death, willing to give up anything to save his life and the Fates are playing her for a sucker. This may be a fantasy but I’ve felt like I was in that kind of situation once or twice or a hundred times myself! I have to recommend this book highly. Not only because I like it so much and it’s excellent entertainment but I just can’t take the chance that the gods might get crazy if I don’t!
Overall rating: 5 hearts

Sensuality rating: Very sensual
Reviewer: Dee DaileySeptember 15, 2008

Before Dawn Breaks by Rae Lori.

'Before Dawn Breaks is an absolute gem of a book.

A fast-paced thriller that, at times, had me on the edge of my seat and shouting at my computer monitor.'

-Black Orchid (5 Flutes)

Reviewer Cocktail Reviews

Starquest by Hywela Lyn.

'Starquest is a fantastical journey about one strong, brave, and independent woman's search for love that will take the reader to places they've never imagined and reveal insights we all know deep inside. I lost myself for hours in her action-packed adventures, and knew that when the book ended, she had indeed succeeded in her quest to find the one true home for her heart.'

- Liana Laverentz, award-winning author of Thin Ice and Jake's Return

'Starquest by Hywela Lyn is a sweet and wonderful book. It is a story of Jess who travels across the galaxy to find the love of her life. An incident happen to her that makes her lost her memories and the man that she loves. She woke up with nightmares and a strong desire to find Destiny and her crew, especially the blue-eyes man who makes her tingles and her hearts ache. But her head hurts every time she tried to remember, and she needs to find Destiny to get the last piece of the missing puzzle in her brain.

Jess made a pact with Dahll to help her with her quest. But she was not aware that he has his own reason to help her. He has a secret, so deep that it can jeopardize their journey and their life. A woman with a mission, a man hunted by a killer, little did they know the journey will test their courage, trust, and most of all, their heart.
This is a wonderfully written book that will keep you on your toes and ended with a big smile on your face. An adventure like no other, this is a book that you don’t want to miss big time.
- Amylove:

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